Anonymous Hacking Group launches “Cyber War” Against Russia
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Anonymous hacking group launches Cyber War against Russia, literally taking on Vladimir Putin’s government following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Known for the wrong reasons, the cybercrime group tweeted about taking down the Russian Military of Defense site.  

Earlier they tweeted a series of messages declaring to be officially in cyberwar against the Russian government. #Anonymous #Ukraine.

In yet another tweet the hacking group mentioned targeting the website of the Russian-state-controlled international television network RT. The tweet said, “has taken down the website of the #Russian propaganda station RT News | | in response to Kremlin’s brutal invasion of #Ukraine.” RT’s website appears to be still offline.

Don’t be surprised if the hacking group increases more cyber-attacks on the Russian state. According to them, the sanctions against the Putin regime will have no effect. They have also called for other countries to support their cause and promised to intensify cyber attacks on the Kremlin this afternoon.(Moscow Time) #OpRussia.

Anonymous Hacking Group has been known to target governments and other organizations for actions and policies they disagree with, such as cracking down on protesters. The earlier target on the hacking group’s list included government agencies of the US, Israel, Spain, and Uganda, as well as groups like the Klu Klux Klan and Islamic State.

With the Russians marching into Kyiv capital of Ukraine, cyberattacks have already started to play their part in the war. Ukraine’s government and critical services have been repeatedly hit by cyberattacks believed to be the work of Russian cyber-criminals.

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