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BOSE fends off ransomware attack without paying ransom, a lesson for everyone. The IT technicians at BOSE quickly responded to the incident to limit the spread of the virus on the network and regain control of the infected systems.

According to BOSE- a high-end hi-tech audio manufacturer witnessed a ransomware attack that enabled the bad actors to access and compromise the personal data of six former employees of the US headquarters in New Hampshire. Though the company managed to restore the compromised systems depending entirely on its IT technicians and not paying any ransom.

The attack was successfully averted in collaboration with industry experts. Investigations revealed limited information was leaked as mentioned above, while there was no data leaked on the dark web or sold illegally until May 19th.

The document below suggests BOSE refused to pay a ransom and relied on its own resources to regain control of its infrastructure. It also suggests the steps taken by the company following the attack.Document

Steps Taken By Bose Following the Ransomware Attack

  • Increased security by improving malware and ransomware protection on servers and endpoints in case of new attacks.
  • Carried out detailed forensic analysis on the affected servers to analyze the impact of the virus.
  • Blocked the files used during the attack on the endpoints to prevent the spread of the virus or attempts to extract data.
  • Improved the monitoring system to quickly identify similar attacks.
  • External firewalls updated by blocking malicious sites and IPs associated with the attacker.
  • Passwords of all end-users and privileged users changed.
  • Logins for all service accounts changed.

All individuals whose accounts were compromised were notified by the company. Also, a twelve-month free identity theft protection service was offered to them.

The company took a firm decision in such a critical situation, which seems to be missing in most cases in times of ransomware attacks. The execution of the plan by team BOSE was flawless, there is something in it for companies such as Colonial Pipeline or the Irish health service to learn from. Let’s hope we get to watch some spirited fightback from many more companies in the days ahead.

Source: cybersecurity360

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