Chatbot Scam- Cyber Criminals Sending Phishing Emails to Trace Deliveries
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The National Cyber Security Center has warned about cybercriminals sending phishing emails inviting people to trace deliveries and falling victim to a chatbot scam.

According to Which, the bad actors are creating fake chatbots that sneakily sign victims up for expensive monthly subscriptions. They impersonate themselves as Royal Mail. 

The UK has witnessed numerous bogus texts and emails posing to be from Royal Mail and other large delivery companies in the past year. Members of the public are sent multiple phishing emails like the one in the video below. 

The video shows consumers are sent a phishing email which encourages the use of the chatbot. The victims are lured into disclosing details such as a delivery number before being encouraged to click another link. This redirects them to a different website and requests to enter their name, address, and payment details are requested.

There is plenty of information available on the Royal Mail website on how to check if anything is fishy and what you can expect from Royal Mail communications.

The NCSC also guides you on how to protect yourself from phishing scams and report suspicious texts, websites, emails, and adverts.

A word of advice the next time you are expecting a delivery and receive a missed parcel do not click the link. Instead, head over to the official website of the delivery company.

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