City of Tulsa Hit by Ransomware Attack
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City of Tulsa, Oklahoma joins the long list of American cities to have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Tusla was hit by a ransomware attack on Friday evening, as a result of which all many of the internal systems over the weekend were shut down. According to the authorities concerned it was an action taken as a precautionary measure. The IT security teams worked round the clock this weekend to restore the operations from the backups.

The City of Tulsa’s official website was inaccessible at the time of writing. According to Tusla spokesperson, there was no employee information compromised by the hackers. While the 911 and emergency teams continued to operate normally. No further information about the nature of the ransomware attack is known.

As a result of the high call volume, the Tulsa residents have to wait longer while using the city 311 local information service.

The hackers have not demanded ransom, neither is there information about the city of Tulsa considering to pay the ransom money. It is not an easy certainly not an easy task when it comes to deciding how to respond to a ransomware attack. Since you are not sure if the hackers will restore the systems and data even after being paid. While paying them will also encourage other hackers to carry out similar attacks, threatening to expose the data publicly.

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Having said that, not paying the ransom, by the local government or corporation can also prove harmful. Especially if the authorities concerned are not able to restore the backups. Perhaps they may end up getting it restored with delays involved resulting in financial and reputational damage.

Even after the United States Conference of Mayors(USCM) passed a resolution in 2019, to abandon paying ransomware extortion demands, many cities still ended up paying the ransom amount.

Hopefully, the City of Tulsa will recover from the ransomware attack in good time. Also maybe at the time of the ransomware attack, few machines were online, limiting the impact of the attack on Friday evening.

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