Colonial Pipeline Ends Up Paying Hackers $5 Million Ransom
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According to Bloomberg and NBC News, Colonial Pipeline ends up paying hackers $5 million ransom, after which the hackers provided the decrypting tool to restore its computer networks.

Reports suggest the oil company said the ransom hours after it was hacked last Friday. Four major pipelines were shut that serve the Eastern and Southeastern United States as a result of this. The hackers provided Colonial Pipeline with a decrypting tool to restore its computer network. Though the company used its own backups to restore the system since the decrypting tool provided by the hackers was too slow. Earlier reports suggested the company had no intention of paying the ransom.

According to President Joe Biden, the US officials do not believe the Russian government’s involvement in the Colonial Pipeline hack. He further added, there are strong reasons to believe that the criminals who did the attack are living in Russia, from where it came from.

Biden said the US is in direct communication with Moscow about the need to take action against the ransom networks. While the FBI suggests the ransomware belonged to a criminal syndicate known as DarkSide.

Colonial Pipeline restarted operations on Wednesday and informed in an update on Thursday, all its pipeline systems have restarted.

There was a semi crisis as thousands of service stations across more than a dozen US states as gas pumps remained shrouded by plastic bags. People have been fraying nerves as a result of the distribution problems.

In an incident at Marathon station in Knightdale, outside Raleigh, on Tuesday afternoon, two people were charged with assault after spitting in each other’s faces over a spot in a line.

While in Georgia, may witness fewer crowds at the racetracks and other entertainment venues as fans tend to drive from surrounding states such as Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee as the higher gas prices – or shortages – might keep them at home.

Sydney Marshall, general manager of the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, Georgia, and the Orlando Speed World Dragway in Florida said, “Fuel prices do affect the number of people who come, especially long distances. It’s definitely a concern of mine because if there’s a gas shortage, people aren’t going to be able to get here.”

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