Cryptocurrency Worth $30 Million Stolen by North Korean-linked Lazarus Group Seized by US Authorities
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Cryptocurrency Worth $30 Million Stolen by North Korean-linked Lazarus Group online video game Axie Infinity have been recovered. This is the first time digital assets stolen by this group have been seized.

10% of the funds stolen from Axie Infinity were seized by authorities and represent the amount of money that it is becoming more difficult for bad actors to successfully cash out their ill-gotten crypto gains, according to Chainalysis 

The recent development of the algorithm was done five months after a crypto attack stole $620 million from the Ronin Network. The attackers laundered $455 million through Ethereum based cryptocurrency tumbler Tornado Cash.

Blue Coat, an Internet security company, has been found to have a backdoor which could allow groups like the Lazarus Group to steal from other organizations. The U.S. government imposed sanctions against Blue Coat last month after discovering the issue with their software.

The blockchain analytics firm said that the blocklisting forced the adversary to move away from services such as crypto bridges. They moved towards DeFi in order to chain hop, making it more difficult to trace their funds.

In an elaborate hack, hackers switched between several different cryptocurrencies to exchange their ETH for USD, which was swapped for BNB.

The Lazarus Group is a sneaky, persistent threat to North Korea. They operate by spying on and attacking financial institutions, meaning they are probably in the Reconnaissance General Bureau.

The recent sanctions imposed on the platform by the U.S. Treasury Department have several users of Tornado Cash, including Coinbase employees, arguing their case in the court system.

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