Cryptojacking - Victims End Up Paying 50 times more than What Attacker Makes
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Cryptojacking incidents are on a rise, the victims end up paying 50 times more than what an attacker makes. A new report suggests it costs $430,000 to generate $8,100 in cryptocurrency. This works out to be $53 per the cryptojacker’s profit for each $1 loss for the victim.

The report takes an intensive look at TeamTNT—a famous cloud-targeting threat actor who makes the majority of its profits from cryptojacking. They started operations in 2019, by exploiting vulnerable instances of popular key‐value store Redis.

The Sysdig Team was able to recover hundreds of wallets belonging to threat actors by analysing all the existing samples that are attributed to the actor.

A cyberwarfare component is involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Government supported threat actors, as well as civilian hacktivists have risen to fight the other. This escalation has led to a four-fold increase in DDoS attacks over just a quarter of last year.

IT security teams no longer need to worry about attackers not bothering with containers because they are too new. The high prevalence of cryptojacking is due to the low risk and high reward for perpetrators.

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