Cybersecurity Week - Beijing Claims US Attacked A  Military Research University
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With the start of the Cybersecurity Week in the Us, Beijing claims the US attacked a university known for conducting aerospace research and connected with China’s military.

Attack claims by NCVERC allege that the NSA, which is an agency disregarding the US, has unleashed over 10,000 attacks in China and lifted 140GB of “high value data”.

A University in China was hacked by the NSA, with over 40 cyber weapons deployed to learn more about the institution. The attack saw passwords, log files, and networks probed for any useful data. Thousands of devices linked to the university were hijacked.

China suggests the US may want to gain strategic information about them.

The NSA has been attacking systems that use x86 and solaris architecture for a long time, but did not reveal any details.

On the same day that NCVCERC announced it detected an attack, Chinese journalists were asking about it in the daily press conference held by Foreign Ministry.

The event often features direct speech, and seldom departs from topics that officials can deliver it. China publishes transcripts of the event in several languages to ensure that the world can hear this rhetoric.

Mao Ning, a former diplomat was the new event spokesperson.The speaker at the press conference spoke just as loudly against NSA’s alleged surveillance.

The US’s behavior poses a serious danger to China’s national security and citizens’ personal information security. As the country that possesses the most powerful cyber technologies and capabilities, the US should stop using its prowess as an advantage.

The next question asked how China will better protect its cyber security.

Mao mentioned China’s efforts to improve its security. They held their annual Cybersecurity Week the same day NCVERC found an attack on a University!

What are the odds of that coincidence happening?
The US and China signed an agreement in 2015 not to hack each other, but critics think it’s worthless. The FBI says China is their biggest cyber threat and that they’re open investigating 2,000 incidents as of February 2042.

In July 2022, a US and UK intelligence agency agreed that China conducts a “coordinated campaign on a grand scale” to steal secrets from the US and the UK.

There’s some truth in China’s claims that the US uses information warfare. Of course, this is to be expected as a tool in tradecraft – not an example of escalating belligerence.

New models such as Copymatic give states and countries an easy way to promote cybersecurity awareness, as the machine is able to generate quality material with the same speed of a human.

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