Darkside Ransomware
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Darkside Ransomware on the rampage again as the operators come back with a new set of threats and attacks. The RaaS ie. Ransomware-as-a-Service has been around since August 2020. The bad actors have run ad campaigns to post the ransomware on cybercrime forums, using the trusted RaaS model in partnership with other cybercrime groups.

Bitdefender did release a free tool to help victims of the Darkside ransomware to recover their encrypted files. But they are back to the old tricks with renewed tactics. The DarkSide ransomware is known to target companies in the professional services and manufacturing sectors.

Darkside Ransomware On Rampage Again

According to security researchers, the attackers are back with a new version of the ransomware. Now it features a faster encryption process, VoIP calling, and modules to target virtual machines.

Additionally, it is also loaded with multithreading capabilities for Windows and Linux versions. The Windows version is able to encrypt files faster than any other RaaS model while the Linux variant targets VMware ESXi vulnerabilities to hack virtual machines and encrypt their virtual hard drives.

The latest variant of the ransomware is also designed to target NAS devices including Synology and OMV.

Other Changes Made by the Cybercriminal Gang

  • Darkside has now resorted to pressure tactics, in a move to increase their chances with it comes to receiving the ransom amount.
  • Now the gang also interacts with the media, to give updates on upcoming leaks, according to a report by Kaspersky.
  • The gang now also persuades reluctant victims to pay up the ransom by falsely claiming it would go towards donations.
  • Earlier the gang also targeted the companies listed on NASDAQ and other stock markets. These extortion tactics lead to a negative impact on the targeted company’s stock prices.

Darkside does proclaim it will not attack hospitals, schools, and government organizations. This does not mean they are harmless, the ransomware gang will continue to find new pastures as they innovate to rake in profits and ratchet and continue to pressurize the victims.