Ex-eBay Executives Prosecuted for Cyberstalking Web Critics
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Two ex-eBay executives prosecuted for cyberstalking web critics and fined tens of thousands of dollars. 

James Baugh, a former senior director of security who used to work at eBay has been sentenced to jail for five years and two years of supervised release. He has been found guilty of harassment both electronically and physically, Ina Steiner and David Steiner, who produce the EcommerceBytes website.

Former eBay Director of Global Resiliency David Harville was sentenced to two years in prison plus two years supervised release and he was fined $20,000 for his role in a harassment campaign directed at the Steiners.

Harville and Baugh were convicted of harassing eBay employees, the couple on Twitter. They anonymously delivered a dead fetus and package for a funeral home to journalists, posted online ads for sex parties at the victims’ home and finally flew across the country to spy on them.

In 2020, when news of the harassment campaign reached senior executives, eBay fired Baugh, Harville and five co-defendants. The seven who were collared for their role in the intimidation operation only Harville and Bough protested their innocence; the rest admitted to their crimes, though both men changed their pleas to guilty earlier this year.

The conspirators that conspired to commit stalking and stalk through the facilities of interstate commerce have been convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit stalking, two counts of stalking, and two counts of stalking through the facilities of interstate commerce.

Thomas Baugh, a former lawyer in Pennsylvania, has been found guilty on two counts of witness tampering and two counts of record alteration.

One of the remainder of their co-defendants was sentenced to 18 months in the cooler in July last year, while the others are still awaiting sentencing.

Ina Steiner, the author of the article, filed a civil lawsuit with her husband against eBay’s former CEO Devin Wenig and former Chief Communications Officer Steve Wymer. They filed this lawsuit for racketeering, specifically for aiding in RICO.

Using the RICO Act, will take down organizations that don’t have ties to the mafia. This act was created to prohibit racketeering activities.

According to the complaint, “Defendants Wenig and Wymer gave the other defendants permission to terminate Steiner’s reporting however they wanted.”

The Steiners are seeking monetary relief for their harassment, but there is still no trial date because eBay has made several attempts to have the case dismissed.

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