False Allegations of Police Spyware by Media -  Roni Alsheich 
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False allegations of Police spyware being used to spy on its citizens were made by the media, said former Israel Police commissioner, Roni Alsheich.

In a conversation with the economic newspaper Calcalist, the police commissioner asked them to reveal the identity of the person who fed them false information regarding the police using spyware.

In yet another interview on Kan Radio by Tamar Almog and Moti Gilat, Roni Alsheich who was accused of spearheading the alleged police infractions claimed the entire affair was  ‘spin’ and completely false.

He said, “the Yom Kippur [War] of Calcalist and the media outlets who followed in its wake.” Though he also made it clear that spyware was important and essential for catching criminals.

According to him Calcalist was not the culprit behind this and demanded them to reveal the person who fed false information to them. The newspapers have the right to hide the identity of their sources, but someone who spreads misinformation should not be considered a source. Instead, they are someone with an agenda to disparage the police. 

He condemned the act as “immoral” and argued people have the right to know who that person is.

Pointing fingers at Netanyahu, Alsheich said it was Calcalists moral responsibility to disclose the name before any other news outlet reveals it. He also made it clear those related to the matter should get to the root of the matter and he is not an investigator and did not want to hypothesize. 

Alsheich is also keeping his options for a libel suit open since his name was also involved. Though the law enforcement was more seriously hurt as people only remember the headlines, and not what will be revealed later on.

Reports suggest an investigation headed by Deputy Attorney General Amit Merari and aided by Shin Bet and Mossad cyber experts found that the police received approval. They subsequently attempted to hack only three out of the 26 people named in the report, with only one being hacked successfully. No evidence of attempted unwarranted hacking was found and Calcalist also did not provide any.

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