FBI confirms DarkSide behind Colonial Pipeline Hack
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FBI confirms DarkSide behind Colonial Pipeline hack. Cybereason, a Boston-based cybersecurity company, DarkSide is an organized hacking group that deals with ransomware as a service. The DarkSide hacking group develops and markets ransomware hacking tools. Criminals purchase these tools to carry out attacks.

According to Cybereason, the group is highly professional, it also offers a help desk and call-in phone number for victims. The group has already published confidential data on more than 40 victims. While it has a website called “DarkSide Leaks”, modeled around WikiLeaks for where the hackers post the private data of companies that they’ve stolen.

FBI fears hackers using codes similar to Colonial Pipelines, a major pipeline carrying diesel and jet fuel from the Texas Gulf Coast to New York Harbor, to compromise electric utilities, gas suppliers, and other pipeline operators have issued an emergency alert.

In a move to protect the malware from spreading to the control systems running the pipeline, the pipelines have remained offline for the fourth day since the attack. Though the effect of the shutdown is minimal on the gasoline and other energy supplies, the company hopes to restore things to normal by the end of this week.

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