Free Decryptor for LockerGoga Ransomware Available
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A free decryptor for lockergoga ransomware is made available by Bitfinder, a Romanian cybersecurity firm in collaboration with Europol, the No More Ransom project, and Zürich law enforcement authorities.

LockerGoga ransomware has been identified in January 2019 and has attacked Norwegian steel giant Norsk Hydro, with estimates of $104 million in damages after infecting 1,800 people in 71 countries. 

12 people associated with the ransomware gang were apprehended as part of a joint law enforcement effort in October 2021, alongside MegaCortex and Dharma.

Agents confiscated cash worth $52000, five luxury vehicles, and numerous electronic devices on site. One of the accused is currently detained in Zurich after his arrest in Ukraine.Free Decryptor for LockerGoga Ransomware Available_1The Zurich Cantonal Police in Zurich identified multiple private keys from data storage devices – which were confiscated when the individual was arrested in 2021.

MegaCortex decryption key is also in the pipeline to be published within the next few months. Victims are encouraged to file a criminal complaint with their respective country’s authorities.

According to the agencies, “These keys enable the company to recover the data that was previously encrypted with the malware LockerGoga or MegaCortex.”

The police department recommends that organizations securely handle email, block suspicious attachments, create backups of emails and other files, use one-time passwords to log in to IT systems, and keep IT up-to-date by updating software or installing security patches regularly.

How to get back your Data?
If you are affected by LockerGoga, you can use the Free Decryptor for LockerGoga Ransomware tool to recover your files for free. Follow the step by step tutorial on how to operate the decryptor in both single-computer and network modes.

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