Global Consultancies Say Bye Bye Russia
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Top 4 global consultancies quit Russia as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to PwC due to the Russian invasion, they have reached a decision to not have a member firm in Russia, and consequently, PwC Russia will leave the network.  

While KPMG in an announcement said, “We believe we have a responsibility, along with other global businesses, to respond to the Russian government’s ongoing military attack on Ukraine.”

It further added, “KPMG has over 4,500 people in Russia and Belarus, and ending our working relationship with them, many of whom have been a part of KPMG for many decades, is incredibly difficult. This decision is not about them – it is a consequence of the actions of the Russian government. We are a purpose-led and values-driven organization that believes in doing the right thing.”

Adding to this KPMG said the staff will be offered transitional support. Accenture and DXC also follow the steps taken by the other two consultancies’ decision to quit Russia. Together these firms employed around 14,500 people in Russia and Belarus.

The decision to quit Russia will affect the staff largely. The demand for top-notch consultancies is huge especially when running businesses that have complex challenges to address. Companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle are known to run joint projects with such consultancies. The decision of the vendors and delivery partners to quit Russia will leave a lot of local users wondering about the fine print of their contracts if they will still be able to get help.

According to PwC and KPMG, the decision will be to leave the networks rather than shutting them down completely, as PwC rightly points out they have a separate legal entity for each nation. 

This means Russian businesses can carry on their own if the business managers are capable of keeping it afloat. This means clients contracted with PwC Russia can continue to run with the firm’s capabilities when it comes to contracts and cash flow. The Russian may subsidize the remaining portion of the four consultancies under schemes announced over the weekend.

Though this will not give them the same access to vendors which makes relationships with global consultancies valuable. With things looking to be heading towards trouble in Putin’s Russia, the global consultancies have decided to quit. 

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