Google and Meta Privacy Violations in Korea Have Cost Them Over $70 Million
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Google and Meta privacy violations in Korea have cost them over $70 million. The Personal Information Protection Commission in South Korea has issued a $50 million penalty for Google, and a $22 million penalty for Meta.

The PIPC is arguing that Google and Meta aren’t getting consent from their users, especially when it comes to behavioral information.

Google is hiding the setting screen to agree or disagree to collection methods and defaults it to “agree”. Meta, on the other hand, only asks for agreement when a user creates an account but does so in unclear ways.

PPIC said that third-party behavioral information is collected when users visit websites and apps other than the platform, so it is difficult to predict the type of behavior and account for it.

About 80% Korean users allow Google and 98% Meta to collect information. There is therefore a high probability and risk that user rights get infringed.

In Europe, Google got the user’s consent for three separate things: personal info, customized adverts, and behavioral information. This allows the user to opt in or out of each thing.While that’s not the case in Korea.

Google is considering the appeal for the ruling. Google said it had “deep regrets” and vowed to work with the commission.

Meta said, “We are confident that we follow all regulations, laws, and industry standards when working with clients. We disagree with the decision made by the TRIP, as such we will be considering all our options including getting a court ruling.”

The PIPC found Google’s updated security measure for search results harmful to internet users, but Google disagrees with the finding.

Facebook has been fined in the past for privacy violations. In 2020, Facebook was fined $5.7 million for exposing personal information to other companies. In 2020, Facebook was also fined $5.5m for storing images of people’s faces without their consent.

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