Google Pay removes linked Amex Cards due to expired certificate
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Google Pay removes linked Amex Cards due to an expired certificate from users’ Google Pay accounts. All Google Pay users with American Express cards linked were sent emails from yesterday informing them about the removal of their linked Amex cards.

Many of the users found this surprising as neither their cards had expired or canceled. Many of these Google Pay users headed on Twitter as the news spread like wildfire. Amex Twitter support responded to the commotion with a tweet assuring they working on resolving it.

Google in a statement said

Earlier today we discovered that American Express cards of some of our users got automatically removed from Google Pay due to an expired certificate. We are working to fix this and people will be able to add their cards back soon.

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Companies use TLS certificates to encrypt data between different devices and networks in order to protect user data. As a result of missing or expired certificates, there is no communication between the two leading to the outages you witnessed with Google Pay and American Express.

Outages similar to these are not new, we have already seen such outages last year which include Google Voice, Spotify, Facebook’s Tor site, GitHub, and more.

You may witness similar issues with smart devices that can be hacked. You can protect your smart devices from hackers, as IoT devices may be in trouble due to an impending root certificate set to expire on September 30th, 2021.