Hackers can Use your Beloved Vape against you
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Hackers can use your beloved vape against you. The hackers are using the Vape pen as the latest tool in their arsenal. According to a report by EDGE Vaping, an E-Cigarette and refill cartridges manufacturer, cybercriminals can modify vape devices to house malware, with the aim of infecting personal computers.

Most of the users have their vapes at the wall, while others use USB ports on their laptop or desktop PC, this may provide an entry route for infection. Here’s an e-cigarette, or vaping, products visual dictionary you can have a look at. 

The scenario of hackers breaking into your vape is not real, though it is possible. Ross Bevington in a presentation at BSides London demonstrated how an e-cigarette can be used to disguise as a keyboard or by tampering with the network traffic.

The vape comes loaded with a small amount of onboard storage. Though the space is very limited for anyone to house a malware strain in it. For instance, the WannaCry malware is around 100 times larger than the average storage capacity of an E-cigarette.

Interestingly hackers can be able to introduce an additional chip to a vape device, which in turn increases the storage capacity without any effort and literally goes undetected by the user. 

Bevington further explained you can downplay such an attack, where he suggested being more worried about running dodgy software on your system and always updating to the latest software version.

Though EDGE Vaping stated it is possible for hackers to turn vape into a hacking device by installing malware or ransomware and need to be cautious while using it, especially while plugging it into a personal device.

According to Mike Williams, Head of IT at EDGE Vaping, “People need to be aware of the risks involved when connecting unknown devices to their computer.”

He further added, “Whilst it should be highlighted that the threat level of hackers using a vape pen to access personal files is low, one can instill good practices to maintain safety with electronic devices. Be sure to use trusted devices and software, and only buy vape pens from reputable sellers.”

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