How to Secure your Email Account?
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It is important you secure your email account to prevent hackers from infiltrating your inbox. An email is a unique identifier for many online account logins which makes it highly targeted by cybercriminals.

The consequences of your inbox being hijacked can go a long way. Hackers can be able to know a lot about you. 

  • They can find out the types of services and accounts you’re enrolled in 
  • request password resets for one or more of those accounts. Many of our passwords are linked via email. It won’t be easy to stop it. Enabling the hackers to delete all the passwords or perhaps mask suspicious activity that would otherwise clue you into the intrusion. 
  • Identity theft can be the other consequence of your email getting hacked. 

The hackers will have all the information they require once they are able to hack your email. The National Cyber Security Centre has released a short video below explaining the importance of securing your email.

 How to Secure your Email Account?

  1. Use Password Manager and Two-Factor Authentication Wherever Possible
  2. While singing for a new email service check for 2FA support. 
  3. Don’t click suspicious links in your email or texts  
  4. Use VPN on your Phone or Computer
  5. Don’t use public Wi-Fi or public computers
  6. Use a Good Antivirus
  7. Secure your Router and Wi-Fi
  8. Update your Computer and Smartphone OS
  9. Consider Putting a Credit Freeze on your account

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