Howard University Hit By Ransomware Attack
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Howard University hit by a ransomware attack on Tuesday, after which classes were canceled.

According to an announcement by HBCU, the campus was hit by a ransomware attack leading to shutting down the campus WiFi, and nonessential employees were advised not to report to work. Classes will commence as usual from Wednesday, while online classes remain canceled at least till Thursday.

CNBC reported, the university’s information technology team first detected the issues last Friday. It is a common practice amongst threat actors to begin attacks at the start of a weekend or holiday as there are few employees available to quickly respond to stop it. The school authorities have already reported the incident to federal law enforcement.

The Howard University campus WiFi is still down while the authorities are trying to get an emergency replacement system up and running.

Allan Liska, an analyst with Recorded Future, a cybersecurity company said, ransomware attacks have been rampant in recent years with universities as common targets.

According to a CNBC report, hackers have managed to breach at least 19 colleges and universities in 2021 alone.

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