Iran Blocks Whatsapp Instagram As citizens Protest Death of Mahsa Amini
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According to Netblocks, Iran blocked access to various internet sites including Whatsapp, Instagram, as citizens protest the death of Masha Amini.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been banned years ago, until now Instagram and WhatsApp were available before they were choked on Wednesday. 

On the other hand Signal has asked the tech community who are willing to set up a proxy server. The disruptions also affected mobile networks in Iran, this included the country’s leading cellular operator, MCI.

Netblocks a watchdog that monitors cybersecurity and Internet governance, warns that in Iran, connectivity is down at the network layer. This means currently VPN connectivity is also not available. 

The protest aimed to emphasize the media silence. The comms blocks showed a video of a protest outside the Iranian embassy in London after Iranian woman Mahsa Amini died while in police custody.

Eyewitnesses and leaked medical records claim Amini died from injuries, not sudden heart failure. Stories contradict each other: the police claim Amini suddenly died after two days in a coma, but eyewitnesses allege she was beaten.

Videos from the region show women burning their hijabs and cutting their hair, a rare form of protest in Iran. The demonstrations began in Kurdistan and have spread to other Iranian provinces.

Netblocks, who monitors Internet restrictions worldwide, says that the shared space for people to express their political ideas and communicate freely may become limited with these network disruptions.

The recent outages are the “most severe internet restrictions since a near-total blackout in November.” The government shut down the internet to squash protests.

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