Israeli Government Websites Knocked Out by Massive DDoS Attack 
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A massive DDoS attack on Monday knocked out a number of Israeli government websites, making them inaccessible for a short period of time.

According to a tweet by Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD), “In the past few hours, a DDoS attack against a communications provider was identified. As a result, access to several websites, among them government websites, was denied for a short time. As of now, all of the websites have returned to normal activity.”

A DDoS attack can hamper the normal traffic of a targeted server or service. They manage to achieve this by overwhelming the victim and its surrounding infrastructure with tons of junk internet traffic by leveraging compromised computers and IoT devices as sources of attack traffic.

Earlier internet watchdog NetBlocks reported a number of disruptions on multiple networks supplied by Israel’s telecom providers Bezeq and Cellcom.

Further Jerusalem Post suggests the possibility, the incident may be the work of an Iranian-affiliated hacker group in retaliation for alleged attempted sabotage of the nation’s Fordow nuclear enrichment plant.

DDoS attacks have time and again been used to launch cyberattacks against government IT infrastructure. In the backdrop of the Russia – Ukrainian war, there is every possibility they may increase between the two. 

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