K–12 Students Using Cyberattacks to Shut Down School
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K-12 students are using cyberattacks to shut down schools the latest trend comes to light. These ransomware and phishing attacks are focused on school districts with the intention to halt districts’ ability to perform functions online by flooding the target systems with a high volume of requests simultaneously. 

These sophisticated DDoS attacks are capable of shutting down schools that rely on the internet for everything from teaching and attendance taking to managing school lunches causing major disruptions.

The surprising aspect of these DDoS attacks is carried out by students apart from the professional threat actors. According to U.K.’s National Crime Agency, students as young as 9yrs are behind some of these DDoS attacks. The same agency saw a 107 percent increase in students deploying these cyberattacks.

K-12 Students Launching DDoS Attacks on Districts

Many K 12 students are digital natives, who have become mastermind hackers overnight.  Since many DDoS attack tools can be purchased online for as low as $5. Allowing students with limited skills to research and find an attacker willing to shut down their school’s network for the right price. Such cyberattacks are difficult to trace as they are launched from multiple locations at once.

How Schools can prevent DDoS Attacks?

Schools need up-to-date security measures to ensure that their networks can handle DDoS attacks. Older solutions may not be enough; according to TechRepublic, modern DDoS attacks are growing in size and frequency.

With the increase in cyber threats, schools need to employ multilayer security strategies. Firewalls can help protect your network, but Amazon Web Services recommends combining them with content distribution networks or load balancers and restrictions on internet traffic. Working with an outside provider can help you find the right security elements for your specific needs.

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