Los Angeles School District Fighting an Ongoing Ransomware Attack 
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The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has confirmed it is fighting an ongoing ransomware attack causing technical distruptions

LAUSD is the second largest school district in the U.S. after New York City Department of Education and serves over 600,000 children. These students attend more than 1,000 schools with 26,000 teachers available to teach them.

The district experienced some cyber hacking over the weekend, and later figured out that it was a ransomware attack.

The LAUSD will be back to usual operations on Tuesday — after observing Labor Day on Monda, with no technical impact expected on the daily functions of the district.

The school district warned that there are computer and email malfunctions ongoing in the area. A specific school confirmed that Google Drive and Schoology, a learning management system for K-12 schools, educators, and students might not be fully functional.

From their preliminary analysis, LAUSD has seen no impact on employee health, payroll or safety mechanisms. They have yet to respond to our questions, but it is possible that files have been stolen. Ransomware actors typically release files still before demanding a ransom payment. It is as of yet unknown who was responsible for the attack.

LAUSD is investigating and responding to the incident. LAUSD was brought together with the White House for a rapid response to an incident, led by the FBI and DHS.

The LAUSD will provide monthly updates and mandatory cybersecurity training for employees and undergo an assessment of existing technology, critical processes, and current infrastructure.

Brett Callow claims that LAUSD is a fiftieth education sector which was attacked with ransomware. According to him, the list of victims includes companies operating in 26 universities and colleges and 24 districts, which have a total of 2,000 schools.

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