love scams
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Digitalization and technology have always benefited mankind. At the same time are witnessing love scams reaching a new high during the lockdown. Scammers and cybercriminals have resorted to new tactics to hoax users online. This time they have to take advantage of human emotions

There has been a 20% increase in the number of bank transfer fraud linked with romance in the period between January and November 2020 compared with a year earlier.

Alarms have already been raised in countries like the UK and USA, where the FBI has issued an advisory warning people about romance scams. While in the UK the Online Dating Association findings suggest, around 53% of the people were having long conversations on dating services during the lockdown.

Romance scams involve feelings that pull your heartstrings and often lead to scams that are often financially and emotionally devastating to victims.

We would like to encourage Dating app users to speak more often with their friends and family for advice. Those seeking help online can Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign to stay safe from scams.

Romance scams take advantage of human emotions, greed, and the inability to identify genuine and fake. The best advice would be to never send money or gifts to an unknown person or meet them personally. Love scams can be avoided by doing a reverse search for profile pictures to confirm the identity of the individual. The use of anti-spam and anti-phishing software is good to avoid phishing emails. Spread awareness about love scams in society.