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Hackers were beaten at their own game, Maza forum, earlier known as Mazafaka was hacked earlier on March 3. The forum is an eminent dark web forum, known for its connection with criminal activities, including malware distribution, money laundering, stealing of credit card information, and more.

Reports suggest the hackers managed to collect information such as usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords. This information was leaked publicly via a breach notification page which stated “Your data has been leaked” and “This forum has been hacked.”

The Maza forum is a prominent dark web forum, it is not easy to get a membership to it. Many of the world’s prolific cybercriminals are associated with the dark web forum.

Earlier this year two other Russian cybercrime forums, Verified and Exploit were hacked. There have been instances of cybercriminal groups hacking each other. Though repeated attacks on high-level forums are a bit unusual.

According to Intel 471, “By doing so, the actor behind the attack was able to lure forum customers to use a money transfer service that was allegedly vouched for by the forum’s admins. That was a lie, and resulted in an unknown amount of money being diverted from the forum.”

Investigations carried out by Flashpoint researchers suggest the Russian sentences on the Maza forum’s notification page were possibly translated using an online translator. They further clarified they are still unsure of a non-Russian speaking actor or if it was a deliberate done to mislead attribution.

This is not the first time the Maza forum has been hacked, it was earlier hacked in the year 2011. Flashpoint researchers made it clear this breach does not indicate a permanent shutdown for the forum.