Metropolitan Police Data Leaked
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Ransomware gang leaks Metropolitan Police data after negotiations failed. Babuk Ransomware has leaked more personal files belonging to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) when the talks with DC Police failed. They warned they will increase the

According to a statement by the ransomware gang, the negotiations reached a dead-end the amount offered to them was not acceptable. They will post 20 more personal files on officers that can be downloaded, while the password will be released tomorrow. If the price of their ransom money is not increased they threaten to release all data. Warning the authorities they had the ability to stop it.

The Babuk group is in the custody of 250GB of stolen data, this includes investigation reports, arrests, disciplinary actions, and other intelligence briefings.
The ransomware group is using tactics similar to DarkSide, it involves demanding the ransom for unlocking files and servers encrypted by the ransomware but also for not leaking any data stolen from the victim prior to cutting off access to them.

The ransomware group has identified itself as on the dark website as “audit”, it said, “We are some kind of cyberpunk, we randomly test corporate networks security and in case of penetration, we ask money, and publish the information about threats and vulnerabilities we found, in our blog if the company doesn’t want to pay.”

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The Babuk group shared a screenshot after negotiations failed between them and the DV police. The police were willing to pay an amount that did not match with the ransom demand of $4million. In a move to negotiate with the hackers the Metropolitan Police department offered $100000 for releasing stolen data.

There was correspondence between Babuk and the department which reports assurances that stolen data will be deleted upon payment, with the group saying that “we are not interested in international politics and other issues between governments, conflicts, e.t.c.”

Babuk operators had earlier last month carried out an attack on MPD and made announcements to further widen their operations, along with their affiliate program to focus on data theft and extortion. While investigations are in progress related to the incident.

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