Microsoft Tracks a Large-Scale Click Fraud Campaign Targeting Gamers
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Microsoft has tracked a large scale click fraud campaign targeting gamers.  The software giant said the bad actors stealthily deploy browser extensions on compromised systems.

Microsoft Security Intelligence in a series of tweets said, “[The] attackers monetize clicks generated by a browser node-webkit or malicious browser extension secretly installed on devices.” 

Check out the Microsoft Security Intelligence threat cluster, dubbed as DEV-0796.

An attacker can install a browser node-webkit (aka NW.js) or rogue browser extension to their victim’s machine or browser node-webkit file when they click on a malicious ad or YouTube comment.

The bad actors use ISO files and Krunker first-person shooter game cheats to lure the victims. Cheats are programs that give you advantages in real-time action games. 

The attackers use DMG files, apple disk image files which are primarily used to distribute software on macOS.

Kaspersky has exposed the details of a latest campaign that tricks gamers looking for cheats into downloading self-propagating malware. Potentially, this could turn out to have features of installing crypto miners and other malware.

Major risks for gamers are malware, unwanted software distributed as cheat programs.

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