New Microsoft Bug Allows Bad Actors to Take Complete Control of Your Emails
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A new Microsoft bug allows bad actors to take complete control of your emails.  Microsoft has issued a warning after it discovered the new bug which can give cybercriminals full access to email accounts, personal calendars, and even contacts lists.

Twitter user @ffforward initially discovered the bug, using a fake app named “Upgrade” when it’s installed on a PC, it is able to set about stealing authentication tokens in Office 365.

After the victim is tricked into agreeing to allow full permissions during the installation process, the bad actors are able to gain complete access to the victim’s account. With this, they are able to route through emails, look at calendars and even send messages to other personal contacts in a bid to spread the bug further. Microsoft’s Security Intelligence service has also confirmed this vulnerability and is currently tracking the scam. 

Microsoft in a tweet said, “Microsoft is tracking a recent consent phishing campaign, reported by @ffforward, that abuses OAuth request links to trick users into granting consent to an app named ‘Upgrade’.”

It further added, “The phishing messages mislead users into granting the app permissions that could allow attackers to create inbox rules, read and write emails and calendar items, and read contacts.”

According to Microsoft, they have now deactivated the app and notified affected customers about the flaw. 

To be on the safe side, if you have received an email that asks you to install an app called “Upgrade”, simply delete the message and do not allow any permission as it can leave your email open to attack.

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