Nvidia Investigates Cyberattack on Internal Systems 
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Nvidia investigates a cyberattack on its internal systems that caused outages. Looks like the internal systems were knocked off two days ago, bringing down the email and developer systems. 

Nvidia while carrying out further investigations in a statement said, “Our business and commercial activities continue uninterrupted. We are still working to evaluate the nature and scope of the event and don’t have any additional information to share at this time.”

Bloomberg reported, the breach being relatively small and stated it had no connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, Anonymous hackers are at cyberwar with Russia

Earlier this week, the firm released a Windows application called Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker. The purpose of this application is to eliminate the mechanisms Nvidia put in place to hamper the mining of cryptocurrencies on graphics cards aimed at gamers.

Red Panda Mining forum has now issued an alert that suggests the program not only bypasses Nvidia’s mining limiter, but on installation, it infects the system with malware. This includes a remote-control backdoor and code that extracts digital money stored. Which gives users a clear idea of staying away from this application.

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