Pakistan Government Admits Own Cybersecurity Team Incompetent
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Pakistan Government Admits Own Cybersecurity Team Incompetent. Pakistan’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication , who met on Monday to discuss the workings of their Ministry of Information Technology, was briefed on their blog posts and stated that content such as theirs is “damning.

The Committee in a statement said, “it expressed its displeasure on the performance of some departments of the Ministry, especially the performance of the Cyber Security Cell. The Committee directed the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication to address the incompetence of the Cyber Security Cell.”

It is unclear what the Committee was referring to when the sentence said “recently had DDoS attacks or cybercrime.”

In the meeting, Baz Baloch alleges that the National Board of Revenue – which holds personal information on all citizens – has twice been attacked recently. While The Register could not find evidence of these allegations, if they are true Baz’s complaint is valid.

The timing of the committee’s statement is notable, as it came on the Pakistan Defense Day and on the day before Pakistan Defense Day – an annual commemoration and a national holiday to commemorate the armed forces.

The meeting also discussed new Cyber-Crime Cyber Security and Social Media Rules. Pakistan has taken issue with social media services after certain content has been posted on the sites, often banning their presence in the country. Pakistan often protests Islam-based content, but they sometimes take issues with content that criticizes government officials as well.

The current social media laws will be examined by the parliamentarians relevant updates will be considered. 

Recent efforts to restore telecommunications infrastructure in Pakistan have been met with opposition.

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