ParkMobile Phone Application Hacked
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ParkMobile phone application hacked, it is a widely used phone application to electronically pay for parking in major cities across the US.

ParkMobile in an email to its users mentioned user data which included license plate numbers and contact information was accessed due to a third-party software vulnerability it uses.

The company’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. They first came to know about the incident in March and appointed a security team from outside to investigate it.

The company in the email wrote, they have eliminated the third party vulnerability and continued to maintain security and monitor their systems. It also stated to have been cautious and informed about the incident to the concerned law enforcement authorities.

The company made it clear no credit card information was accessed as it does not collect or store users’ Social Security numbers, driving license, or birth dates.

The hackers were only able to gain access to user’s basic information which includes the license plate numbers and contact information. They were also able to access the nicknames given to their automobiles by some of the users.

There has been a considerable amount of increase in hacking incidents and we all need to be extra careful and cautious when you access your emails or apps on your smartphone.