PayPal Hackers Expose Customer Names and Social Security Numbers
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Paypal hackers have exposed customer names and social security numbers stolen in the cyberattack that took place on Thursday. PayPal has already informed nearly 35000 of its customers about the hack earlier, and confirmed in a span of two days no money was stolen from anyone.

PayPal Attack Details

The PayPal hackers managed to steal personal and private information, including full names, dates of birth, physical addresses, social security numbers and tax identification numbers.  After which PayPal stopped the intrusion within two days, reset the passwords for affected users and said no unauthorized transactions were attempted.

The hackers managed to sneak into the network using a method called credit stuffing to breach the accounts of these victims.  Hackers use the existing credentials already floating around the dark web to hack into private accounts.  Using the information available from earlier breaches they use bots and try the credentials at multiple online services hoping the customers have not changed their passwords recently. Customers continuing to use their old password fall victim to this attack. is a great site where you can know if your password has been hacked. Simply search “have your passwords been hacked” by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of my website.

What to Do if Your PayPal Account is Hacked?

If your PayPal has been hacked you need to  reset your password. When you create a new password ensure you use a strong password which includes capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Additionally PayPal is also offering victims of the cyberattack two years of free identity monitoring from Equifax.

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