Pegasus Spyware Latest Victims-Mexican Journalists And Human Rights Activists
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According to Mexican NGO R3D, Pegasus spyware latest victims are the Mexican journalist and human rights activists despite promises from authorities. 

This is not the first time Pegasus has been abused by the Mexican authorities, earlier in 2017, the spyware was used to steal telephone data present in the telephones of journalists, lawyers or political figures with the infections going undetected. 

R3D, with the help of the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, a benchmark in  spyware detection and analysis, has now been able to recover physical evidence recovered directly from victims’ phones. 

Pegasus Spyware Latest Victims – Two Journalist and An Activist

The latest attack has claimed three victims, which includes Raymundo Ramos Vazquez, whose phone was hacked at least three times in August and September 2020. He has worked for years on the abuses of the Mexican army. The hacking incident happened shortly after he publicly about the army’s involvement in the killing of three civilians. 

According to The Citizen Lab notes when his phone was infected he was regularly in touch with a number of associations and international organizations specializing in the defense of human rights.

Another victim, Ricardo Raphael, is a journalist who has been hacked three times: in 2019 . He has been promoting his book on the Los Zetas cartel; and in 2020 after having publicly denounced the excesses and failures of the authorities in their fight against cartels. He noticed, in 2022, that extracts from his private conversations had been sent to some of his interlocutors, no doubt to discredit him.

A journalist from the media Animal Politico , is the last victim reported, though his identity is being kept secret “for security reasons” . His phone was infected the day an article about human rights abuses by the Mexican army was published.

Mexican Government Suspected of Foul Play

Given the fact that Pegasus Spyware software is only sold to governments, it is possible they are responsible for these attacks. However, Citizen Lab notes that “in some cases”, cartels also have an interest in this attack.

NSO Group could not comment on this Reuters article because of the lack of data it has. The company can terminate the contracts of its customers when they misuse their tool.

A large number of Mexican politicians had been targeted by the spyware, Pegasus. This was the first country to document the misuse of Pegasus, happening in 2017.

These new cases of infection by the NSO monitoring tool are sure to rekindle the controversy. Especially since, after his election in 2018, Lopez Obrador claimed to renounce the use of Pegasus and illegal surveillance.

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