Ransomware Gang threatens to publish HSE data
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Ransomware Gang threatens to publish HSE data, if they fail to pay the ransom by Monday.

The ransomware gang after the attack on HSE demanded a ransom of $20 million paid in Bitcoin. The government and HSE have repeatedly publicly stated no ransom money will be paid.

According to Paul Reid, HSE chief executive said if they end up paying the ransom, the Irish government would end up funding money to the criminal gang to further strengthen their operations. He made it clear no ransom would be paid.

The cybercriminal spoke Russian, told news media, the gang now has a fixed deadline of next Monday ie. May 24th for the ransom to be paid.

Three days ago they published confidential documents on the darknet, possibly stolen during the attack. This was done in order to increase pressure on the HSE to pay the ransom, a common tactic used by cyber gangs.

Garda sources did have an idea based on similar attacks around the world, the hackers would make some redacted documents public. Similarly, they are also aware of the fact that they will make the entire set of documents public if the ransom is not paid as in case of other similar attacks. Though they did not comment on the new deadline of May 24th by the gang.

The Bloomberg report stated the last message from the gang to the HSE, “will start to sell and publish your data” next Monday, earlier they said they would do so “very soon”.

It is a common practice for gangs that use Conti malicious software, like the ones used in the case of HSE, to issue statements about the same on their blog on the Darknet. Some gangs also use the same blog, or news site, to publish the documents and other data stolen from their victims. Though in the case of HSE there is no reference date on the blog.

Some of the documents revealed by the cybercriminals include information of patients based in the Munster area and the forms contain the patient’s personal details such as their medical history and the medical professionals treating them.

Some of the other documents are commercial in nature, related to contracts between the HSE and some of the suppliers and other partners it works with.

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