Reflections in Eyeglasses Can Leak Info from Zoom calls
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It is true, reflection in eyeglasses can leak info from Zoom calls? Boffins at the University of Michigan in the US and Zhejiang University in China explains how bespectacled video conferencing participants are inadvertently revealing sensitive on-screen information via reflections in their eyeglasses.

With the rise of remote work due to Covid19 pandemic, video calls were becoming more and more popular. The researchers have started to notice that this new way of technology created a vulnerability for hackers to take advantage of.

Researchers ran an analysis on video conferences to find if eyeglasses could reveal what the person on the other side of the computer were seeing. They found that lenses from many pairs of glasses released certain properties that gave people a preview of what was happening on the screen.

According to the researcher, “We want to see what attacks are out there. It works if you have a single photograph, or if you have a long video of many frames. Think about it as time-lapse photography for digital images.”

With a 720p webcam, you can make out text smaller than 28 pt. Your average laptop is likely to be able to read text that is about 50-60 pixels tall, which is the same size as what a 720p camera can see.

Large font sizes in websites and presentations are generally easier to read because of their larger size on the screen.

There are usually no  issues with privacy and security with larger fonts, but there are for smaller ones. As high-resolution webcams become more standard, accessing these tiny fonts will be no big deal.

In the future, cameras will be able to read webpages from far distances.

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