Russian Space Research Institute Website Hacked
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The Russian Space Research Institute website has been hacked, it designs and builds scientific instruments for space experiments, according to screenshots and archived data.

There has been an increase in hacking incidents during Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. While the impact of such hacking incidents seems to be limited at the moment. A number of hacking groups and individuals have claimed to target Russian websites over the past several days. 

The hackers left a message on the IKI-related site which says, “Heyyy Russian [homophobic slur].. Sorry.. Cosmonauts ??.. idk what to say, go get a nice website instead of threatening people with ISS, heard??”  The hackers have used the word ISS perhaps referring to the recent comments from Russian authorities over the possibility of pulling out from operation of the International Space Station.

@v0g3lsec hacking group has tweeted about the incident, in a message said, “Also leave Ukraine alone else Anonymous will f*ck you up even more :))” 

The message was posted on a specific subdomain on the site which is not offline, while other subdomains like the one belonging to IKI’s Department of Optical and Physical Research, remain accessible.

In yet another tweet the group has tweeted a number of files, which it claims to have taken from Roscosmos, Russia’s overall Space Agency. It is a different organization from the one they compromised the website of. The files posted are a combination of handwritten forms, PDFs, and spreadsheets written in Russian and English mentioning specifically about lunar missions.

The details in one of the documents suggest the location of potential landing sites for lunar spacecraft on the Moon’s the South Pole. Russian authorities have already announced their South Pole sites, however, it is still too early to confirm about it. IKI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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