Samsung Data Breach Revealed Some Customers Names
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According to Samsung, the data breach revealed some customers’ names, birthdays and more. 

Samsung is warning customers of unauthorized information disclosure in July. Samsung has also responded to the event by reporting it and hiring a cybersecurity firm to investigate the incident.

The company is sending emails to customers who were originally affected by the leak, and it will update this action if its investigation progresses. Samsung did not give away any information on which of its systems had been specifically affected by the leak. The company failed to react to requests for comment from The Verge.

If hackers were able to access your personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account numbers, they could use this information to socially engineer against a service. For example, if you just signed up for the service and have not yet enabled two-factor authentication (2FA), they may be able to get access to it with your username and password via social engineering tactics.

Samsung says you don’t need to change your password at the moment, as consumer devices were not affected in this incident.

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