Scripps Health Confirms Weekend Cyberattack
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San Diego-based, Scripps Health confirms weekend cyberattack stemmed from malware on its computer network. According to the statement on Wednesday, investigations were carried by Scripps Health and an independent cybersecurity firm.

The investigation revealed the network outage that started on Saturday was due to a malware attack. Leading to a large portion of the health care systems network system offline. It was a move undertaken to stop the malware from spreading onto the entire network.

Though Scripps Health has not mentioned a specific recovery time, their technical teams are working 24/7 to restore the systems as quickly and safely as possible to prioritize their ability to provide patient care.

Earlier Scripps Health notified law enforcement and appropriate organizations about the incident, no further information about the nature of the attack was disclosed.

Patients with appointments slated for the next few days have been advised to call 1-800-SCRIPPS for further information.

Scripps Health issued a statement, it read, “While this incident has resulted in operational disruptions at our hospitals and facilities, our clinical staff is trained to provide care in these types of situations, and are committed to doing so.”

Scripps Health’s staff has implemented a workaround to mitigate any disruptions and provide uninterrupted care to our patients.