Security Concerns in Cloud Computing Can be a Major Hurdle in Cloud Adoption
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Security concerns in cloud computing can be a major hurdle in cloud adoption even after showing no signs of slowing down. 

A new study by cloud security company Confluera looks at how IT leaders detect, evaluate, and act against security threats in today’s cloud environment. 97 percent of IT leaders’ strategy includes the expansion of cloud deployments, though 63 percent think that cyberthreats are the main obstacle to their cloud plans.

The other findings suggest IT teams spend around 54% of their time investigating security alerts, while half of these alerts turn out to be false or benign alarms. 69% of the IT firms when asked about the challenges of adopting multiple cloud platforms said, to maintain consistent cybersecurity coverage across all cloud infrastructures.

Half of them find securing the resources to manage different cloud infrastructures, while 45 percent identify the difficulty of detecting threats progressing from one cloud infrastructure to another.

Among the IT leaders, more than 65% feel cloud IaaS adoption (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) was the primary contributor to their increased workload in 2021

John Morgan, CEO of Confluera said, “While accelerated cloud adoption continues to be a critical element in adapting to the new way of doing business, it has strained IT leaders’ ability to manage their workload. Organizations need to ensure proper people, processes, and tools are in place for the team to expand the complex cloud environments without sacrificing their attention to security.”

In yet another finding around 85% of IT leaders think they experienced increased workload due to a shift in work models, including remote workers. While 70% thought the change in the work model has made it more difficult to keep company resources secure.

Morgan further added, “2021 was a tough year for many IT leaders, but the market is now providing organizations with the tools they need to effectively manage the infrastructures they have and even expand them further.  Given proper resources and effective communication, IT leaders have every right to be positive as we move into the new year.”

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