Sonic Hacking Contest 2021
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Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 dates have been announced with a number of changes. Earlier in 2020, the contest proved to be hectic with Halloween happening in the same week.

This year the event looks to be better equipped as the general public will be able to view this year’s entries, download the hacks and vote for Community Trophies which are only applicable to Contest entries.

Contestants can reserve slots in the contest week’s stream schedule for developer showcases. There will be a separate judging panel for Retro, 2D PC, and 3D entries. Contestants can choose the entry to submit to the contest which is judged and the expo which isn’t.

Schedule for Sonic Hacking Contest 2021

  • Contest Submissions Deadline: End of Sunday 5th September
  • Contest Updates Deadline: End of Sunday 12th September
  • Expo Submissions Deadline: End of Sunday 26th September
  • Contest Week From Monday 11th to Sunday 17th October

Entrants can submit their entries earlier or to the public at the event. Contest Week will perhaps be the best time for you to showcase your talent in front of the biggest audience. For further details, you can visit Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 site.