Swiss based Swiss Cloud suffered Ransomware Attack
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Swiss-based Swiss Cloud suffered ransomware attack on April 27. Though the incident does not impact the entire server infrastructure of the company. According to Swiss Cloud, the ransomware attack disrupted their server availability to more than 6500 customers. This included high customers such as Sage, a company that delivers payroll and HR software for German-speaking countries.
The statement published on the company’s status page said, after the ransomware attack on April 27, they have resorted to cleaning up the systems and restoring normal operations at Swiss Cloud Computing AG. They will use the backup system for recovery. While parts of the complex network system affected by the attack will be individually cleaned first and reconfigured with the corresponding temporal effects.

Currently, the swiss cloud computing company is working on restoring operations using backups with the help of experts from HPE and Microsoft.

The restoration work is going on in full swing, with it working in 24-hour shifts and also on weekends since early as next week.

The company clarified it will inform the current status and outlook on May 3. There is no information available about the security breach and hopefully, the impacted servers will be restored by next week.