SynAck ransomware decryptor
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SynAck ransomware decryptor released by Emsisoft allows victims to decrypt their encrypted files for free.

After starting operations as SynAck ransomware gang in 2017, the threat actor resurfaces in 2021 with an entirely new name El_Cometa gang.

The El_Cometa gang as part of its rebranding efforts released the master decryption keys and documentation for their encryption algorithm on their Tor data leak site.SynAck ransomware decryptor _1

Emsisoft – SynAck ransomware decryptor

Emsisoft today released a SynAck ransomware decryptor, it works on all variants and allows victims to recover their files for free.

How to use the SynAck ransomware decryptor?

  • You can download the decryptor, run the program and continue to browse the ransom note. After selecting the ransom.
  • After selecting the ransom.
  • Press the Start button and the decryption key will be detected.SynAck ransomware decryptor _2
  • Press the OK button to load your decryption key and the program will start decrypting files.

The below image shows how you can decrypt a test file using the key extracted from the bundled ransom note.SynAck ransomware decryptor _3

The remaining encrypted files can be deleted after you have finished decrypting your files and determined that they are opening correctly. You can head over to this page to need more help.

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