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The University of Northampton hit by cyber-attack on 17 March has interrupted services to its IT and telephone systems and servers. It is nearly after a week the incident took place, services are severely impacted. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been informed, while the police are investigating the matter.

According to a university spokesman, they are trying to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. The IT forensic investigators working on the case are advising them on restoring the services and finding out the possible cause of the hack. Though the facts of the situation are yet to be established.

According to reports published in BBC, Lucy Holmes, 20, a third-year journalism student, who was supposed to submit her final year project said it was annoying to see the disruption of the university intranet. As a result of which she was not able to access her course material, tutor feedback, or the online library.

Another student Richard Smyth 19 from Northern Ireland was also not happy about the situation. He has his online lectures one day a week of face-to-face learning. The cyberattack forced him to push back all assignment deadlines.

According to him, students do have access to the UK wifi networks which teachers are trying to use with alternative video-conferencing platforms

UK cybersecurity agency has already warned Universities and colleges about the rise in cyber attacks.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, there has been a considerable increase in the number of ransomware attacks that have affected education establishments.

There have been attempted cyber attacks carried out across various universities in the UK.

The Northamptonshire Police is working with the National Cyber Security Centre to investigate the cyber attack. The University of Northampton said the cybercriminals had no regard for the disruption to teaching and learning such attacks cause.