US Bans Ex-NSA trio who spied on Americans for UAE from arms exports
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US government ban ex-NSA trio who spied on American for UAE from arms export.

Former NSA operatives, Ryan Adams, Marc Baier, and Daniel Gericke are prohibited from participating in any activities for three years. After three years, they can submit a request to resume their activities if they choose to do so.

This will probably be denied considering the men are being charged with providing hacking services to UAE government agencies against US entities.

“Debarment, a fancy word for being prohibited from doing business, can actually be a significant sanction in that it can amount to a death penalty for the companies involved,” according to attorney Bryan Cunningham.

A company known as “DarkMatter” was exposed following a Reuters investigation of Project Raven.

DarkMatter has been making some controversial claims about their defensive security work, but several former US intelligence operatives have come forward to say that is not the case. They allege that the company engages in spying for paying clients, including politicians, journalists, members of royal families, and Michelle Obama’s emails.

The US Justice Department reports that some of the employees at DarkMatter are deploying zero-click exploits to install spyware on target devices.

The State Department requires licenses for defense services, but these three men didn’t have one for the cyber-mercenary service they provided to UAE.

A year ago, the US government reached a first of its kind deal with Adams, Baier and Gericke under which the Justice Department agreed to drop its prosecution, and the men agreed to cough up $1,685,000 as a group; cooperate fully with the US government; give up all foreign and US security clearances and never seek them again; accept restrictions on future employment.

The State Department has recently imposed sanctions on the three men.

You can have different perspectives on these policies because they have to do with not just the law but diplomacy and relations with other countries. It also includes respecting intelligence and law enforcement sources, as well as protecting US allies.

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