Why You Should Update Your Google Chrome Right Now?
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Google has just released a new version of Chrome and there is every reason why you should update your Google Chrome right now. 

The latest update offers a patch to fix a major zero-day security flaw that could potentially pose a risk to your device. Google Chrome update is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which will keep your browser safe. 

The CVE-2022-3075 vulnerability was discovered by an unknown security researcher and reported the same to Google.The issue was with the Mojo, which is a collection of libraries. This vulnerability is still in the wild, so they are more hesitant to disclose further details.

Recently, the vulnerability which was assigned a high importance level was discovered. Though we don’t know the implications, if exploited could allow adversaries to compromise data and execute malicious actions. Be sure to update your browser at this time because of how potentially dangerous it is.

A patch has been made recently to fix this vulnerability, and it can be downloaded at version 105.0.5195.102. Google predicts that it might take a few days or even weeks until everyone receives the automatic access to the new solution, but they are doing their best to fix everything as quickly as possible.

How to Stay Secured?
To check that your browser is up-to-date and the right version, type “Update Chrome” into the address bar and then click on the item that pops up under your search results.

Once you click ‘Download’, you will be prompted to update. Once updated, your browser should ask you to re-launch it. If it does not work for you yet, make sure to check back shortly, as more and more users will be receiving updates.

If you don’t want your Google Chrome browser to be hacked, avoid downloading and using extensions from questionable companies. We have a list of the best Chrome extensions that are safe to download.

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