Wind Turbine Giant Nordex Hit by Cyber Attack
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German Wind Turbine Giant Nordex today acknowledged it was hit by a cyberattack on 31 March 2022 this week

While the cyberattack was in its early stage the IT security team at Nordex got into action quickly eliminating a greater threat. In response to the cyberattack, Nordex IT team implemented the necessary response protocols, and multiple locations and business units were shut down.

The company released a statement that said, “To safeguard customer assets, remote access from Nordex Group IT infrastructure was disabled for turbines under contract. Nordex turbines continued operating without restrictions and wind farm communication with grid operators and energy traders was, and remains, unaffected.”

Alternate remote control services were put in place by the company for the majority of its fleet. Its internal and external IT teams are currently investigating the attack, while the preliminary assessment suggests the cyber-attack only affected internal IT infrastructure.

Nordex further added, “There is no indication that the incident spread to any third-party assets or otherwise beyond Nordex’s internal IT infrastructure.”

The company’s IT team is currently restoring the system and warned that a shutdown might disrupt its operations. 

This is not the first time green energy producers have been targeted by hackers. Earlier in November Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines was forced to shut down. Several IT systems in various locations were disrupted over the weekend after the cyberattack incident.

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