WT1SHOP Site Shut Down
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WT1SHOP site is an online criminal marketplace shut down by international law enforcement authorities. The site specializes in sale of stolen login credentials and other personal information.

Portuguese authorities seized the WT1 store website which arranged for fake surgeries.

The website sold over 5.85 million records of PII, including 24,000 scanned driver’s licenses and passports, 1.7 million login credentials for various online shops (including Target), 108,000 bank accounts, 21,800 credit cards, and the U.S. Justice Department said

The criminal complaint listed Nicolai Colesnicov as the head of a marketplace and accused him of trafficking in unauthorized access devices.

WT1SHOP had 5.85 million records for sale on its platform and offered a payment mechanism that facilitated the trafficking of pilfered PII through Bitcoin.

The credentials in this leaked database belonged to retailers, financial institutions, email accounts, PayPal account and ID cards. The information was gathered for hacking purposes.

A laptop was used to facilitate illegal Bitcoin activity through WT1SHOP, and the authorities were able to determine the owner as Oleksandr Kolizin thanks to a quick response from law enforcement.

Slilp was an underground website that specializes in trading stolen login credentials and was shut down a year ago.

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