5 Reasons You Need To Buy A New Laptop ASAP
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It is not always wise to go and buy a new laptop, but these 5 reasons will need to buy one ASAP!

On the other hand, it may be wise to buy a Chromebook but they come with an expiration date, once you reach that date it will not receive any new patches or updates. 

We bring you 5 reasons for you to buy a new laptop as soon as possible in this article.

5 Reasons You Need To Buy A New Laptop ASAP

Let’s look at the clear-cut signs buying a new laptop is in your immediate future.

Your Laptop Runs Slowly

If your laptop is taking time to load a web page, it takes a long time to turn it on or while running two programs at once, and the entire machine becomes unusable in the process.

This has been common and may also be due to shady software. Here are some ways to tell if your device has been compromised:

Laptops will slow down as their memory fills up and when they are trying to run multiple applications at the same time. You can often speed up a computer by upgrading the CPU and RAM. A lot of people save money by replacing their old hardware with newer, faster stuff.

The thumb rule when buying a new laptop is when the total cost to repair or upgrade it is 30% of the price of a new one.

Laptop Gets Hot

Another common problem with old laptops is they turn hot, and the built-in fans can no longer keep them cool. This a typical issue with old laptops running for a long time.

This happens over time due to the dust and debris that collects in these fans. This makes the laptop heat up and can no longer cool on its own. 

This symptom indicates it’s time for you to replace your old laptop ASAP. 

A Laptop is Risky to Use

Cybersecurity is important, many old laptops are prone to higher risk for cybersecurity issues.

Outdated laptops no longer support the latest security patches and software updates that help keep your devices secure and performing well. Operating system updates come with new features that make life easier and can patch possible security holes.

For instance, while using Windows 7, you may be in danger. Microsoft no longer releases updates for that operating system anymore. Windows 10 and 11 are updated frequently and come with the latest cybersecurity protections.

Running your old laptop with an outdated version of Windows can cause bad performance. Research which update applies to your device and see if it can run it. If not, that’s one of the most prominent signs you need a new laptop.

Laptop Screen or its keyboard is busted

Laptops are no doubt durable, though accidents can happen to lead to a broken screen or a busted keyboard. A few pixels of the screen might be missing, though you can save money by choosing to connect the old laptop to an external monitor. 

Some of the keys on the laptop keyboard may be missing letters and numbers or some keys not work. At times the trackpad might lose its sensitivity over time too.

These are some signals for you to buy a new laptop.

Unable to Charge Laptops Battery

Over a period of time laptops tend to lose charge and eventually are required to be charged more often.

At times you may have to keep it plugged in for it to work all the time. This may eliminate the portability feature of of using a laptop

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