8 Best Ways to Watch HBO For Free in 2022
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We bring you 8 best ways to watch HBO for free in 2022. There is a constant tussle between HBO and Netflix, if Netflix has Money Heist, HBO has Game of Thrones, and both streaming platforms have good TV Shows for binge-watching.

With premium services, you do have the option of downloading content from torrent sites such as Netflix, but it can lead to legal consequences.

HBO on the other hand is more expensive than Netflix, so many people can’t afford the premium plan. If you’re a student or who can’t afford the premium plan of HBO, this article will be helpful.

8 Best Ways to Watch HBO For Free in 2022

This article lists 8 best ways to watch HBO for free in 2022. The steps in this article avoid legal issues and you can get free access with the techniques shared.

  1. Sign up for HBO Free trialSign up for HBO Free trial
    New HBO users in the US can get a 7-day free trial for HBO. It enables you to watch almost all HBO content for 7 days.You can use the trial account on your phone even if you don’t pay, but you must add payment details to get a free trial.
    To continue to enjoy your free trial, you need to cancel ahead of the end of your free trial to avoid any charges. To do this, remember to cancel 24 hours before your free trial ends.
  2. Watch HBO Free on Amazon Prime VideoHBO Free Trial on Amazon Prime VideoAs a Prime subscriber, you can try out HBO for free within the 7 day trial. If you want to use HBO for free, make sure you cancel the free trial before the 7-day ends.
  3. Watch HBO Free Trial on HuluHBO Free Trial on Hulu
    Hulu’s HBO trial provides you with 2 weeks of free access to the network. You can sign up for the free 7-Day trial to watch all of HBO’s content. You will have to pay $15/month for the HBO add-on once the 7-Day trial ends.
  4. Watch HBO Free Trial on The Roku ChannelThe Roku ChannelYou need to spend money on channels, but the Roku Channel is free. The prices of channels range from $2.99 USD a month to $6.99 USD per month.The Roku Channel provides you with HBO for free, saving users money on streaming services such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.
  5. Watch HBO For Free With AT&THBO For Free With AT&TThe popular telecommunications company, AT&T is providing HBO with their services. With any AT&T plan you have, you can watch HBO for free.HBO Max isn’t available for anyone with AT&T service, so you can head to the website and sign up now.
  6. Watch HBO Max for Free on Youtube TVHBO Max for Free on Youtube TVIn conclusion, having a subscription to YouTube TV also gives you access to HBO Max. YouTube TV does live broadcasting of local TV stations and cable channels for subscribers.You can sign up for HBO Max for free for a week if you are subscribed to YouTube TV. You will need to pay an additional $15 per month on your subscription after the 7-day trial period is over.
  7. Watch HBO for free on its official website
    You can watch free video content on the official HBO website. You can watch documentaries, trailers, and more.Subscribers can unlock their favorite entertainment using an HBO streaming service. However, subscribers have no access to the website’s exclusive content. With a subscription to HBO GO, you can watch both free episodes and exclusive content by paying a monthly fee.
  8. Watch HBO Shows on YouTube
    You can view clips and TV show trailers on the HBO YouTube Channel, which often posts new content from their Movies and TV Shows.The short videos on the YouTube channel for HBO are similar to previews. They don’t fully satisfy your needs for what you want in a video, but they may still help when deciding whether or not to purchase a subscription.

Helpful: All methods shared in the article are legal and let you watch top HBO content for free. So here are some of the best ways to watch HBO for free. Share more ways to watch HBO for free below if you know any more.

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