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Facebook is undoubtedly the crowd favorite when it comes to social media. With nearly 2.5 billion active users each month, the platform is widely used for sharing messages, photos, and videos. Yet there is no option to download Facebook videos from its platform. Today we will discuss how to download Facebook videos on PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone

Users can choose a wide variety of third-party software to download Facebook Videos. We will further discuss this in detail in the article. We will also talk about other ways to download Facebook videos.

Download Facebook Videos using these Websites

The easiest way to download Facebook videos is using any of the below mentioned websites. Copy & Paste the Facebook Video URL and Enter to download.

Download Facebook Videos using Web Browsers

  • Copy the Facebook video link you want to download.
  • Open one of the above-mentioned websites and paste the link into the download bar.
  • Select the quality of the video and click Download.
  • The video will open in a new tab. To download, click on the vertical ellipsis icon “⋮” in the bottom right corner and click on download.

Download Facebook Videos using Facebook App on Android or iOS devicesDownload Facebook Videos using Facebook App

Downloading videos on the Facebook mobile app is just as simple as it is on a web browser. Moreover, to complete the task, the same websites will do the trick.

  • Open FB app, Open the video you wish to download.
  • Click on the dot icons “⋯” and Tap the “Copy Link” option.
  • In case of iOS users Go to Share > More Options to access this option.
  • Open any of the suggested websites on your mobile browser.
  • Paste the copied link to the download bar and Tap on download.
  • Select the quality of the video you are downloading and click on Download.

Is it legal to Download Facebook Videos?

Technically speaking when the media is either from a “public account” or “public visibility settings” anyone can access and download a video, a photo, or any other information when publicly posted. It will be wise not to download such content from private accounts to avoid copyright infringement.